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The firm’s portfolio is diverse from the standpoint of both style and project type.  EMI believes that the best architectural work, when appropriate, seeks a balance between those strategies posited by orthodox and mainstream modernism and the qualities inherent in “traditional” design vocabularies.  Eschewing to the profession’s recent tendency to specialize, EMI has maintained the traditional role of the architect as a “generalist” and encourage a wide open and unrestricted path towards creating a variety of architectural spaces and places.


EMI's interiors team leverages an extensive network of professional suppliers, enabling its designs to provide a wide range of natural and cutting-edge materials, finishes, fabrics, accessories, and furnishings. Our firm works with clients to create interior environments that are elegant, stylish and timeless.

Our approach to our interior design is focused on how the organization and aesthetics of a space can reflect a project’s image, improve productivity, increase efficiency, and create visually uplifting interiors.



EMI integrates a wide variety of considerations and perspectives into the planning process. We address user comfort and needs, image, context, sustainability, pedestrian and vehicular circulation, cost and functionality to create a cohesive master plan solution that can guide future development and expansion. Our team collaborates with our clients and invested parties to cultivate a holistic approach to development and phasing. 


The tools used to convey design ideas and vision to a client or potential client are paramount.  We are a multi-talented, hands on group, each with the skill set to develop a conceptual idea from a napkin sketch through to modeled rendering or physical model.  From early Schematics through to groundbreaking, the end product has been communicated and is clearly understood by both the designers and the users.

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