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The Studio

EMI Architects - Studio

EMI approaches each project with the belief that design excellence comes, first and foremost, from addressing and clearly solving the fundamental problems posed by each unique set of project parameters.  The firm is not inhibited by any pre-determined ideological boundaries, but rather is committed to letting each project evolve according to the specific characteristics and requirements of the client, the project brief and the geographic location. 


The firm’s portfolio is diverse from the standpoint of both style and project type.  EMI believes that the best architectural work, when appropriate, seeks a balance between those strategies posited by orthodox and mainstream modernism and the qualities inherent in “traditional” design vocabularies.  Eschewing to the profession’s recent tendency to specialize, EMI has maintained the traditional role of the architect as a “generalist” and encourages a wide open and unrestricted path towards creating a variety of architectural spaces and places.

Our Philosophy

EMI Architects - Studio
EMI Architects - Studio
EMI Architects - Studio
EMI Architects - Studio

Our Process

At EMI, we consider ourselves a boutique design firm with a unique set of capabilities to service each project, regardless of the projects scale or scope. We strive to achieve this while also maintaining consistently high design standards. Maintaining these standards, for each and every project, requires a purposeful process and a dedicated team behind it. We seek to build upon our collective wisdom, allowing each member of the team to impact the project throughout all stages of the design process.

To best serve our client’s vision, we employ systems and technologies that offer maximum impact. We utilize Building Information Modeling (BIM) software and processes to holistically address each project's challenges. We leverage BIM to provide added value to the process. By utilizing strategies such as clash detection, model-based analysis, cloud collaboration and visualization, the design team gains more control over the project to deliver a more thorough and well coordinated set of documents. 

In the end, we believe that our clients have as much to gain from the design journey as they do the end result. Through our comprehensive, thoughtful and collaborative approach to the design process, we are able to surpass client expectations while ensuring a consistently high level of quality in our work. 

Our Culture

Our firm strives to provide a work culture that nurtures each individual's personal and professional growth. Our collective passion for good Architecture and its responsibility towards the enrichment of our community is the backbone of our office culture.  


Many professionals at EMI have spent their entire careers here, contributing their personal expertise and knowledge towards advancing the Art of Architecture. We create an environment that fosters creativity and camaraderie while also encouraging collaboration and teamwork. Nothing of any substance in our profession is done in isolation. Our studio is a dynamic environment with background music often enriching our creative energy, either through our office turntable, or at the hands of some of our talented musicians. The goal is to make our work and our play indistinguishable from one another. Making the most out of each and every little thing we do! To quote the formidable English chef Marco Pierre White: “Perfection (Excellence) is lots of little things done well.”


We strive to achieve excellence.

EMI Architects - Studio
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