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FSU Dodd Hall Auditorium

The program for the renovation and expansion of Dodd Hall involved the extensive interior renovation of approximately 40,000 sf of existing building space and the addition of a new 126 seat auditorium. Stringent programmatic requirements, along with fixed exterior shell conditions, led to a "floating floor concept", in select areas of the building. State-of-the-art HVAC and lighting were required and carefully integrated within the existing historic structure. New elevators, compact shelving systems, open office systems, tunnels, basement waterproofing and steep pitched clay tile roofing are some of the unique features of this project.

The auditorium features state of the art projection, lighting, computer controlled audio amplification and acoustical systems. The size and location of the motorized roll-down projection screen, along with the multi-port, glassed-in projector room, enable the viewing of multiple projection images simultaneously. Acoustical wall system placement and ceiling height configurations were designed for superior acoustical properties.

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