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FSU University Center

This University Center Grille is located in the heart of a major state university campus. Having not received any major renovation work since 1996, the Grille has now been transformed into a contemporary fine private dining experience.

Under the constraints of a challenging budget of approximately $71.36 per square foot available for improvements, the 10,000 square foot renovation provides an updated and contemporary atmosphere. Utilizing a wide variety of textures, colors, and materials, the renovation was intended to focus on the phenomenological experience and not simply the formal characteristics of the Architecture.

As patrons first enter the Grille, they are greeted by a four foot tall, silver leaf, stainless chandelier which refracts light throughout the space. The radiused reception desk and a new cast bronze wall sculpture orient visitors during the initial arrival sequence.

New dining room furnishings provide seating for approximately 210 patrons. Lofty storefront windows frame prime views of the football field and the North end zone scoreboard.

A twenty four seat conference room with state of the art technology and a new lounge area enable patrons to attend business meetings or simply relax and enjoy the contemporary atmosphere.

The existing bar has been refaced with horizontal hardwood cherry slats, a quartz top and an intricate handmade Murano glass chandelier. This chandelier was selected to symbolize the flame in the University’s seal due to its form and red and amber color tones.

Due to the cultural context of the project ,it was important that the sophistication of the Grille be improved, but the subsequent renovation work result in an approachable and comfortable environment.

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