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Maclay Mathematics and Aquatics Center

With a newly relocated vehicular main entrance to this K-12 private school, this proposed new building will serve as a monumental campus cornerstone. The building is a result of the School’s desire to enhance the current swim program as well the need for additional classrooms to facilitate their ever-expanding enrollment. Including an Administrative addition to an existing building, a Multipurpose “flexible-use” space, six classrooms, an Artificial Intelligence maker space as well as aquatics locker rooms, the building contains an eclectic grouping of programmatic requirements. Positioned such that it is the most visible building upon entering campus proper, it stands proud of other adjacent buildings in both size and design rigor.

The Multipurpose Room, having the largest open volume, is clad in triple silver coated low-E glass providing transparency into and through the space. This also allows glimpses of other significant buildings beyond. Contained within its volume is a smaller, more intimate flexible gathering space which is defined by built-in storage bench seating and an overhead translucent screen. Acting in unison, these elements create a visual boundary reinforcing the concept of a “space within a space” relationship. Screens, window treatments and extended roof lines dampen direct southern sun exposure. Standing seam metal roof extensions and cantilevered trellis provide protection from the often-extreme Florida climate and create naturally cooled shaded areas for gathering and outdoor learning.

Anchoring the southwest corner of the future complex, a new Aquatics locker room plays a dual role serving both the existing pool as well as a proposed Olympic size pool, providing restroom/shower facilities to each.

Attached at the north of the locker facility is an Artificial Intelligence “Concept to Completion” design/maker space allowing students an opportunity to create, test and display their projects. A movable glass wall allows the volume to transform into a larger indoor/outdoor classroom where projects can be tested in a protected covered open area or in the adjacent open courtyard.

Mathematics classrooms and a small addition to an existing administrative wing are positioned in a manner that allows direct access to an open central courtyard. Outdoor seating, covered walkways and natural shade encourage teacher/student interaction and gives opportunities for multiple teaching environments.

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