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Maclay School Pre-K

The pre-school program called for a facility that would contain 8 new classroom spaces, a multi-purpose room, and corresponding ancillary functions. Following a rigorous Schematic Design process, it was determined that a centralized plan typology best satisfied the client’s needs. Two parallel ground face block walls on opposite sides of the building serve to visually graft the building to its host site. These walls also serve to define edges of exterior playground areas. The relationship of the centralized common room to the subordinate classroom spaces evolved from a static plan geometry to one that evokes a subtle pinwheeling effect. Window placement, downspout locations, site walls, finish floor patterning, and light fixture placement all serve to reinforce this idea.
Screen walls, within the centralized multi-purpose space, emphasize the “room within a shell” concept and, along with an abundance of top source natural light, reinforce the noble nature of this internal space. Large exterior windows were incorporated to reduce the demands of artificial lighting during operational hours. The variation of a traditional “board and batten” exterior wall treatment refers back to many of the more common wall treatments on the Carpenter Gothic churches and other vernacular buildings in the immediate area. A standing seam, galvalume metal roof assists in reflecting unwanted heat. Split-system heat pumps were utilized with a dedicated outside air system to control humidity. The dedicated outside air system is scheduled by a programmable time clock. Faucets are sensor operated and water closets are the low volume type, to save on water usage. Interior light fixtures are activated by occupancy sensors and daylight sensors are used in the public areas of the building, where significant amounts of daylight were provided.

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