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This renovation included approximately 102,000 square feet of K-12 educational space located within an abandoned department store building. The school consisted of approximately 18,400 square feet including eight classrooms, a large multipurpose space, toilets, offices, and miscellaneous support spaces.
Design and construction, in total, had to be completed within a four-and-a-half-month time duration. Plans were completed and submitted to the permitting authorities in less than three and a half weeks. The permitting process was completed, and a permit issued, within 10 days following plan submittal.
Wide corridors with linear fenestrations and soft hues provide a streetscape for middle-schoolers to meet and collaborate. Natural light was introduced into the renovated space through a series of skylights illuminating a large central “gallery”. Clerestory windows allow this natural light to be “borrowed” from the central corridor into individual classrooms which are positioned on both sides adjacent to this space. Accent colors and floor patterns further enliven the space and enhance the educational experience. At the far end of the gallery, a high energy student exercise space expresses itself as an amorphic shape animated by rhythmic punched openings in the form of musical notes on a staff.

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