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Southwood Cottages

Originally built in 1865, the traditional Henderson and Ball family home is nestled among acres of rolling hills and majestic oaks. The two-story home sat vacant for many years and was in great need of upgrades. In 2000, the owners decided to restore the home as a visitor welcoming center and the marketing and sales departments for the Southwood community.

Working closely with The Florida Division of Historical Resources, we restored and renovated the house in 2001. Our scope was to update the interior and exterior of the building and to meet current life safety and ADA codes without adversely affecting the historic character of the house. We restored the original plumbing and light fixtures, the existing fire places and added a wheel chair lift at the southern entry providing access for the elderly and disabled.

Along with the restoration of the Ball House, we were tasked to design five quaint cottages. The cottages were designed to reflect the timeless southern vernacular style of the Southwood community. These cottages are nestled away amongst the serene and majestic oaks of the property.

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