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Our Philosophy

EMI approaches each project with the belief that design excellence comes, first and foremost, from addressing and clearly solving the fundamental problems posed by each unique set of project parameters.  The firm is not inhibited by any pre-determined ideological boundaries, but rather is committed to letting each project evolve according to the specific characteristics and requirements of the client, the project brief and the geographic location.  The firm’s portfolio is diverse from the standpoint of both style and project type.  EMI believes that the best architectural work, when appropriate, seeks a balance between those strategies posited by orthodox and mainstream modernism and the qualities inherent in “traditional” design vocabularies.  Eschewing to the profession’s recent tendency to specialize, EMI has maintained the traditional role of the architect as a “generalist” and encourages a wide open and unrestricted path towards creating a variety of architectural spaces and places.

About Us

Founded in 1972, in Tallahassee, Florida, Elliott Marshall Innes, P.A. (EMI) provides architectural, interior design and planning services to the southeastern region of the United States.  Our dedicated staff provides services to many community colleges and universities, K-12 school boards, military bases, medical facilities as well as a broad array of private clients.


Featured Project: 
Tallahassee Orthopedic Center

Tallahassee, FL

This project consisted of a brand new, 2-story orthopedic clinic encompassing 38,418 SF that services the North Florida and South Georgia regions. 

The design is manifested in the building form reflecting the facility’s primary functions – diagnosing, and otherwise caring for, ailments related to ligaments, tendons and bones. The idea that the connecting tissue (ligaments/tendons) could be implied by a lightweight custom curtain wall system. These transparent areas of the building would connect to solid masses consisting of smaller punched openings; the “bones“ of the project. Custom fabricated curtain wall fins were specified, further accentuating the sinuous nature desired in the connecting membrane.

On the Boards: 
Freeport Middle School

Freeport, FL


This 150,000 square foot middle school is located in a rural north Florida county which was originally developed reflecting an extensive agrarian and fishing heritage.


The two-story educational facility is organized along an interior “street”, the structure and nature of which is intended to recall the numerous steel and wooden pedestrian and vehicular bridges scattered throughout the immediate area. The media center is positioned as the educational heart of the facility with the gymnasium and cafetorium providing appropriate bookends. A site mandated retention pond is being developed as an educational feature where an eco-trail will ring the pond adjacent to a natural wetlands area populated with a wide variety of fauna, birds and other native wildlife.

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